Black Forest Cake Recipe

Resepi kek black forest

Black Forest Cake Recipe

bahan-bahan kek black forest

  • sebiji kek coklat (resepi kek coklat klick sini)
  • 125g creame cheese
  • 4 sudu besar gula aising
  • 1 1/2 cawan whipping cream sejuk
  • blueberry filling 

cara-cara untuk membuat kek black forest

  1. buat 1 kek coklat (untuk resepi kek coklat klick sini)
  2. pukul cream cheese + gula aising + whipping creame sehingga kental 
  3. masukkan 2 sudu besar blueberry filling kedalam adunan cream cheese
  4. potong kek coklat kepada 3 bahagian dan sapu dengan blueberry filling
  5. then sapu cream cheese 
  6. selepas tu sapu plak blueberry filling
  7. ulang step 5-6 sehingga habis kek anda
  8. salut kek keseluruhan kek dengan cream cheese dan hias 

video resepi black forest cake recipe(step by step)

black forest cake recipe

Ingredients for Black forest cake

Step to make black forest cake

  1. bake 1 chocolate cake (for chocolate cake recipe click here)
  2. Mix cream cheese + icing sugar + whipping cream until stiff peak appear
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of blueberry filling into cream cheese mixture
  4. Cut chocolate cake into 3 parts and spread it with blueberry filling
  5. Then spread it with cream cheese mixture
  6. After that spread once again with blueberry filling
  7. Repeat step 5-6 until you use all 3 part of cake
  8. Frost the whole cake with cream cheese mixture  and decorate it
Black Forest Cake Recipe
kek coklat yang gebu dan moist(resepi klick sini)
(moist & fluffy chocolate cake...recipe click here)

Black Forest Cake Recipe
sapukan kek dengan blueberry filling,cream cheese,blueberry filling.ulang sehingga habis  kek
(spread blueberry filling,cream cheese,blueberry filling on the cake,repeat until finish all the part)

Black Forest Cake Recipe
sapu keseluruhan kek dengan lebihan cream cheese dan hias kek anda
(frost the whole cake with the remaining cream cheese adan decorate it with your creativity)

Black Forest Cake Recipe
contoh bagaimaan anda boleh menghias kek black forest anda
(example on how you can decorate your black forest cake)

resepi & pic kredit to : fb azlina ina fans